National Rottweiler Council (Australia) Championship Title

NRC(A) National Champion Title procedure

  1. Members submit application to state Club.
  2. Members to supply Committee with originals or copies of all ten (10) V Rating certificates/critiques and the pass certificate of the NRCA Breed Survey.
  3. Member club Committee to review, confirm and verify all documents and approve or disapprove of application
  4. In the event that an exhibitor did not purchase the individual critique or critique book at a show and has advised their inability to locate a copy from fellow Rottweiler enthusiasts and their member Club, all Rottweiler Clubs are to provide a copy of their Critique Books to the NRC(A) Secretary so Clubs can verify critiques without having to purchase all Australian Critique Books, and ring/email around Australia to check with other Club Secretaries and Breed Registrars of the details of their shows. This also has the added benefit, from a historical perspective, of recording data on Australian Rottweilers; and
  5. Member club then submits title application to NRCA for Final Approval. When final approval is received from NRC[A] Secretary the title is able to be used.
  6. NRCA to confirm back to member club (submitting club) that the recommendation is accepted and that it will be presented at the following National Show.
  7. NRCA to Develop and provide a certificate of achievement.




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