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History of the National Rottweiler Council (Australia)

This article was kindly submitted by Helen Read.

The push to form a National Council for the Rottweiler breed commenced in 1983. A letter had been sent to all State clubs with a draft of the Constitution prepared by Pat Hall, Helen Read, Ellen Nowak and Robert Allen.

Present at the first gathering held on 28th July 1983 to discuss the formation were :
- Robert Allen [Chairperson], James Roger [GSDC], Hans Nowak [GSDC], Pat Hall [RCV Secretary ], Judy and Cliff Harris, Helen Read, Dallas Prescott [NSW President], Di Allen, Trevor Gissing, Carl & Di Taylor, Marlene Innes, Les & Barbara Setterfield, Bill and Alice Peters. 

The meeting was informed that the Australian Kennel Control Council was working towards affiliation of National Bodies.  Various amendments to the constitution were discussed.

15/2/84 List of delegates received from NSW and Victoria. RCV AGM Pat Hall, Robert Allen and Helen Read appointed as club delegates. Pat Hall retired and Marlene Innes took her place.

16/9/86 No progress. Letter to all clubs from RCV Secretary.

1/10/87 RCV delegates form executive for ANKC submission.

5/10/87 A meeting was held to complete the application for the recognition of the National Rottweiler Council by the ANKC. Request to form such a body had been received from Victoria, West Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory.
President Robert Allen, Secretary Helen Read, Treasurer Marlene Innes.

25/11/87 Official submission to ANKC from steering committee.

12/3/88 Meeting held at Royal Showgrounds Melbourne.
NSW - Ian Frith, Susan Gray, Steven Lodge,
SA - John Belbin, Kathy Gully, Pauline Sheridan.
Queensland - Stewart McDonald
NT - Yvonne Belbin.
Vic - Robert Allen, Helen Read, Marlene Innes.
Observers - Michelle Thomas, Jeanine & David Birks.

14/4/88 Official approval from ANKC for our National Council.

27/3/89 National Code of Ethics passed.

3/10/89 Annual General Meeting in Melbourne.
President Robert Allen re-elected, Helen Read Secretary, Marlene Innes Treasurer. National Breed Recorder -Wayne Roddom.
Delegates - South Australia - Kathy Gully, Josie Eiffe, Yvonne Belbin; Northern Territory Alison Lock, Queensland - Pat Jenner, Robert Gration, George Ioannidis, Western Australia - Sharon Peribonio, Danny Roberts, NSW - George Tsapuotas, Ian Frith.

Immediately the Council began to lobby the ANKC for the FCI standard for our breed. Application was made to join the International Federation of Rottweiler Friends, so that we could share information about the breed from around the world. An article was prepared for a publication called 200 Years of the Dog on our breed and submitted with two photographs. Preliminary discussions started on breed records, Hip Dysplasia and National Shows.. Dr Willis (UK) was contacted and hip score results with progeny results were obtained.  FCI standard was made available to all breed clubs. First National Show was held in South Australia 1989 National Dental and Eye form was submitted to all clubs for comment, Information on OCD was forwarded to all clubs.  Badges and stickers were made to the agreed logo with Robert Allen providing a loan to purchase. National Book was proposed and input requested.  The first extension to the existing Rottweiler Standard was produced and forwarded to ANKC.

Breed Survey format submitted for our breed.

26/9/90 Agreed that member clubs should place more emphasis on educating their members about the Rottweiler. We continue to press for the FCI standard for our breed. Identification by tattoo accepted by all states 20/12/90. Character assessments were discussed.  We continue to press for the FCI Breed Standard.

26/10/90 Robert Gration takes over as President and John Gregor as Secretary.

10/5/91 - Meeting Held NSW. Present - NSW Ian Frith, Lucy Ellem, Lisa Wallace, South Australia Carol Higgins, D Suter, Y Belbin, Northern Districts M & N Hunt, Queensland S & J Gregor,
National Eye and Mouth certificate now in use in all clubs. Year book collating continues with Yvonne Belbin in charge. Queensland raise issue of the national producing a National magazine to include registration figures, current articles, submissions from state member clubs HD register, paid advertisements and kennel directory. South Australia suggest national code of ethics and breed surveys. NSW suggested contacting the GSDC and looking at their avenues of promoting the breed.
5/8/91 Meeting Queensland. Present President Robert Gration, Secretary John Gregor. Delegates SA Josie Eiffe, NSW Lucy Ellum, V Matthews, Northern Districts N & M Hunt, Queensland S Gregor, Victoria Helen Read, Robert Allen.

20/9/91 John Gregor voted in as President and John then nominated Sue Gregor as Secretary and Phil Duggan as Treasurer.

1991 National Eye and Mouth Certificate now in use in all states.
Breed Survey       All interested clubs asked to submit format for discussion

1991 Information re the IFR meeting in Norway supplied by Robert Allen who attended.

24/9/92 - Breed Survey tabled by John MacDonald

8/4/93 the New Constitution for National Councils prepared by the ANKC was accepted by Member clubs.
FCI Standard approved by ANKC for the breed.

1993 ANKC agree to “Double handling” at our shows as long as the dog is stationary and it is called “attention getting”.

1/11/93 John MacDonald submitted report from sub committee appointed by NRC, on Hip Dysplasia scheme, tattoo and identification scheme as requested.

1/1/94 ANKC adopt the FCI standard for our breed.
National Book - aborted by NRC and produced by Sth Australian club as book of titled Rottweilers.

April 1993 Wayne Roddom unable to continue as national breed recorder.

17/7/93 Breed Survey - NSW have conducted practical and theory nights, South Australia have surveyed 24 dogs. Queensland have had meetings to look at Victorian and NSW proposals. John Gregor advises to proceed carefully as we may create problems by ourselves by rushing into Breed Surveys.
National Shows revert to annually.

22/9/94 - RCV call meeting to discuss concerns about the functioning of the National Council. Meeting aborted after motion of dissent and vote of no confidence in the executive Sue and John Gregor.

26/11/94 Meeting Canberra.
Present NSW Ian Frith, Debbie Gould, John Gould, Northern Districts Norm Hunt, ACT club Julie and Aldo Giucci, Jane Wollenberg, Anya Meyer-Dilley, South Australia Roberta Veale, Victoria Jenny Woodman, Lynda Doyle, Helen Read. Written input from West Coast club.
Vote of no confidence passed by all clubs except Queensland who did not record a vote.
ANKC rules for national councils discussed. Lines of communication established.
Interim executive appointed, Josie Eiffe [President], Helen Read [Secretary/ Treasurer]

23/9/95  AGM Under the new constitution, the appointment of executive was implemented. Appointed for next two and three year period. Josie Eiffe [President], Helen Read [Secretary/ Treasurer]
National Breed Recorder appointed. Lynda Doyle.
National Identification Scheme passed
Tail docking article accepted with inclusion of Dr Zammit’s article for any public response by clubs.
National Policy on Dog Sport (Schutzhund) “That dog sport also called Schutzhund is an activity available to our breed. Participation in this sport is an individual decision>”
National Breed Survey. Format to be a National one. Comparison document prepared and forwarded to clubs for discussion.

23/9/95 National Hip Dysplasia Scheme passed with Dr Wyburn as reader.

1/4/96 Extended Standard for judges passed with ANKC changes.

23/9/95 Agreed that any Breed Survey Scheme be a national one.

22/9/97 Majority vote for hip and elbow screening by all breeders before a litter can be registered.
New President - John MacDonald.

Northern Districts of NSW
West Coast of Western Australia
South Australia


1989 South Australia       Ch Heatherglen Ma Lulu, owner T Truscott
1990 Victoria                      Wallkuer Callan, owner Tayvelka Kennels
1991 Queensland             Ch Ranwul Raider, owner G & G Carter
1992 NSW                           Winner not known
1993 Northern Districts    Ch Meinlieb Guerdon, owner M Thomas
1994 -                                   No National show held
1995 South Australia        Nottrott Wild Torin, owner S & S Lodge
1996 Victoria                      Ch Ubersein Bandet O Banff, owner I & L Robinson & A & L Scott.
1997 Queensland -         Ch Habsburg Condor AI, owner G Brown
1998 New South Wales   Grand Champion Blackcombe La Forge, owner Carla van Verseveld





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