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Working Dog Sport (Schutzhund) Early  Days


There had been many attempts to get the dog sport Schutzhund recognised in Australia, and many colourful characters were involved as we know.  From my point of view the sport in Australia owes it's heartfelt thanks to Karl Heinz Pahl who was the driving force in South Australia and from my point of view, led the way by formatting a structured programme and inviting recognised Schutzhund Judges to Judge the sport and provide seminars for the many participants that were eager to enjoy a new and exciting sport with their dogs. Having said this, we all recognise and are thankful to the many people who also offered their expertise in various areas that were of great assistance to Karl Heinz during those very early days.

The first trial in SA was on October 18th-19th 1986, the Judge being Klaus Schukraft (Germany).  At this trial Klaus had 19 dogs to judge and the weather for the two days was gale force winds, some rain and hail, which eased on the Sunday. There were 3 Rottweilers entered in this trial.

The second trial in Adelaide  was 31st October to November 1st 1987.  Judge was Reinhard Waltering (Germany)  whom had been a member of the ADRK since 1962.  Whilst in Adelaide he judged 23 dogs including 9 Rottweilers in what could only be described as trying conditions.  On the day of tracking at Woodside Army Camp the temperature soared to 40 degrees and followed on through the following day of obedience and protection.

On 15th and 16th July 1989 , Dandenong Valley Sporting Dog Club held their first Schutzhund trial and the Judge was another Rottweiler person , George Huttermann from the ADRK.   

Today there are a number of Clubs scattered around Australia offering training and highly competitive trials. Australia now has at least two internationally recognised Judges.







































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