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Welcome to the website for the National Rottweiler Council (Australia).

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JLPP January 2018 Report
Click here to access the public JLPP Report for January 2018.
Member's can access a more detailed report in the Members Only Files area

FCI Health Discussions
A 31 Year Year Snapshot of Australian Rottweiler Registrations from 1986 -2016




The NRC(A) is affiliated with the following organisations:

ADRK World Family
ADRK World Family

IFR                ANKC
International Federation of                              Australian National Kennel      
Rottweilerfriends (IFR)                                           Council (ANKC)           


Rottweiler Clubs

The following Australian Rottweiler clubs are members of the National Rottweiler Council (Australia):


RCQ       RCSA

RCV        WCRC

Contact details for these clubs can be accessed on our Club Contact Details page.


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